D.A.M.N., also known as Dance and Move Now, has been providing banging performances for over 29 years!

D.A.M.N. dances in various styles but specializes in modern, jazz & show. The team can be booked for artistic & commercial bookings. The group performs at various occasions, such as student parties, corporate events and cultural festivals. They have experience with many different bookings and do this with a lot of (dance) fun.

Every Monday evening they have their training, to build up a repertoire and to work on their stage qualities. This class is given by teacher Anniek Pacilly. In addition, each member takes another class at STUdance in a style of their choice to maintain our technique. D.A.M.N. consists of approximately 16 enthusiastic students with a passion for dance. All are selected on dance technique, charisma and excellent stage qualities.

The class of D.A.M.N. is on Monday’s from 20:45-22:45.

The Demo Team Policy outlines all the privileges and obligations of the D.A.M.N. membership.

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