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STUdance was founded by a small group of enthusiastic young women in 1993, but it has since grown to become the largest student dance association in Utrecht, with almost 300 members! One of the goals is to offer affordable, high-quality dance lessons for students. At the moment, STUdance offers lessons at different levels in the styles of jazz, classical ballet, hip-hop, street dance, modern dance and a mixed class. STUdance has hired professional dance instructors to provide these lessons. In addition to standard lessons, STUdance also has a project in which members can create their own choreography under the supervision of a choreographer: ChoreoLab. The dance season concludes with a major final performance in Stadschouwburg Utrecht.

In addition to the dance activities, STUdance also hosts social events: 12 committees organise all sorts of fun activities throughout the year, from weekly get-togethers, parties and the gala, to workshops, theatre outings and the unforgettable weekend getaways!

If you would like to learn more about STUdance, please feel free to come to the UITweek introduction event or our open classes week, or mail your questions to: info@studance.nl.

Dance season
There are only two opportunities to sign up to dance with STUdance; after the open classes week: Thursday to Saturday in the first week of September. We do not dance in blocks or semesters, so when you sign up for STUdance in September you’ll dance with us for the entire season. The second opportunity is with the project Choreolab. More information about this you will find below.

Sign-up closed
I’ve missed the sign-up date, but I’d still like to dance with STUdance. What now? You can register for the waiting list by sending an e-mail to info@studance.nl. Over the course of the year, we’ll send out more information about STUdance and sign-up opportunities.

The ChoreoLab project kicks off sometime between December and February. In this project, members of STUdance are selected to choreograph a dance for the final performance. The choreographers often look for dancers, and people who are not yet a member of STUdance have the opportunity to join at this time. This year the presentation evening of these choreographers will be on January 29th. They dancers who have been chosen to create a choreogrpahy will present their ideas and soon after that it will be possible to sign up for this. For more information, please send an e-mail to: info@studance.nl. 

Non-dancing member
If you have enjoyed being a member of STUdance in the past, but don’t have time or cannot dance temporarily due to an injury, you can still sign up as a non-dancing member! That way, you can still participate in all of our activities, such as the monthly receptions, fun parties and even the weekend getaway! You will also receive the bi-weekly DanceFlash, our digital newsletter. That way, you can keep up with our association’s activities. Non-dancing members can join at any time for a € 15 fee. To request a non-dancing membership, simply send an e-mail to: info@studance.nl.