D.A.M.N. – Commissie

D.A.M.N.-Co 2023-2024
Hi all!! 

It’s the D.A.M.N – Co here and we are looking forward to an extraordinary year of performing and overseeing the D.A.M.N. team. 
Our voorzitter Nina (20 years old) is from Canada, studying here in Utrecht on exchange! She is eager to experience the Netherlands dance scene.
Fleur is our vice voorzitter she is 21 years old and studies science and astronomy. This is my second year at Studance and I’m very much looking forward to organising a lot of fun activities for D.A.M.N.
Our secretary Sanne is 20 years old and studies pedagogical sciences. She’s so good at writing notes during the meeting that this is her second year being secretary!
Ilja is our treasurer this year. As the oldest of our committee she’s busy with her master’s in chemistry but not too busy to dance on the bar!
Roos is our clothing commissionair. She is 21 years old and studies sociology. This is her third year at STUdance and she’ll make sure D.A.M.N. looks great on stage this year! Anni is our Instagram PR commissioner. She is 22 years old and studies economics. This is her third year at STUdance, and she is excited to increase visibility for D.A.M.N. Looking forward to seeing you all!!

M: demoteams@studance.nl