Dance styles

STUdance offers 13 classes at various levels in 5 different dance styles. In the first half year the classes focus on technique and learning different choreographies. The second half of the year we work towards the final performance in the Stadsschouwburg. In this performance all groups will perform a dazzling choreography around a common theme that will be announced in December.

The levels are divided as follows:
Beginner (level 1): The beginners level, you do not need to have any dance experience. The basic techniques do not have to be mastered yet and attention is paid to learning the basics at a steady pace.

Intermediate (level 2): For the intermediate groups, you have one year to a few years of dance experience or you are a natural talent. You are expected to know the basics (e.g. pirouette, relevé, tendu, pas de bourrée in modern/jazz/classical and the grooves in hiphop). You are also expected to be able to keep the beat and pick up movements fairly quickly.

Advanced (level 3): In the advanced groups you have a lot of dance experience. You pick up choreographies and movements quickly and are able to keep up with the beat. Great control of technique is expected.

What started in The Bronx and Brooklyn in New York can also be found in our dance classes. Hiphop is now a well-known dance style that is regularly seen on TV and in movies. Hiphop includes different ways of moving, such as popping, locking and break dancing. The music is often contemporary, energetic and with a solid beat. At STUdance Hiphop is offered in three different levels. The lessons focus on musicality and timing.

Hiphop 1 and 2 are taught by Iffet. The teacher for Hiphop 3 is Djio.

Jazz dance, like jazz music, comes originally from the African-American tradition. Characteristic of jazz dance is the use of rhythm, dynamics, isolation and coordination and performance. It is a versatile dance style with influences from modern dance, streetdance, African dance, hip-hop and show-/musical dance. In the lessons you will train your dance technique through various exercises. In addition, you work on improving your condition, strength and flexibility.

Jazz 1 is taught by Eva. Jazz 2 and 3 are taught by Celina.

Classical is an elegant dance style. In this class you learn the basic technique that can be very useful in other dance styles. The lessons are challenging and varied, dynamic and fit well with the target group. Important elements in the classical class are a long stretched posture, the development of the technique such as turning and also the terminology is covered. Quality of movement, dance sense, expression and musicality are central to these lessons.

Dress code: Wear tightfitting clothing, for example a ballet leotard or a tight top, with tights or leggings underneath. This is the best way for the teacher to correct your posture. Ballet shoes are highly recommended, but you can also dance on socks.

Classical is taught by Sofia.

Modern dance is based on natural movements of the human body, such as walking, running, jumping, falling, turning, swinging and rolling. It is a free and creative dance style, in which dance technique is as important as dance expression and improvisation. There are many types of modern dance. This class will be a combination of the styles of European modern dance and Limón. Topics covered will include the use of breathing and gravity in movement, increasing body awareness and risk taking. The class uses a wide variety of music including world music, film music, pop music, jazz music, percussion, classical music and drum ’n bass.

Modern 1 is taught by Eva. Modern 2 and 3 are taught by Anniek.

As the name suggests, Streetdance is a dance style that originated on the streets. It is all about explosive and dynamic movements and listening to the music. Streetdance uses different movement qualities, such as fast and slow, hard versus soft and stretching and flowing. The audience should be surprised by quick changes and unexpected twists. Streetdance is not about perfection but about enjoying and experiencing dance, where the whole body moves big and exuberant.

Streetdance 1 and 2 are thought by Rudolf.

Mix class
Since a few years STUdance offers the mixles: this is for enthusiastic students who would like to dance, but don’t have much experience yet. In 4 blocks of 10 weeks they can get to know four different dance styles, Modern, Jazz, Streetdance and Hiphop. In this way they can choose which dance style suits them best, and then move on to the next level in this style.